Programul Sibiu How to Web

Dragi tovarăși și prekini. Aveți mai jos programul Sibiu How to Web Community Event. See you there

08:30 – 09:30
„Conference Registration & Badge Pick-Up”

Please bring along your printed booking confirmation or scan at the registration desk to collect your badge. Business or Personal ID required. 09:30 – 09:45
„Official welcome”
Lucian Todea – ITNT
Grab a coffee and join Lucian Todea as he reveals how to get the best out of the next action packed conference day. Insider tips, what to expect from the party and networking area and more.

09:45 – 10:15
„Inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs”
Vlad Stan – Founder at Vlad Stan & Partners, Cofounder at SeedMoney
Entrepreneurship is a way of living. By supporting the new generation of
socially and globally minded entrepreneurs, their imagination, passion and
skills will produce outstanding results for humanity.

10:15 – 10:45
„Building the bridge between the people and their content – the interesting story of an Eastern European start up that wants to shoot global”
Konstantin Hristov – Favit Network, Co-founder and CEO
You will get the behind the scene lessons learned: from presenting your project to $-people, negotiating terms, starting your project, going through the project plateau, launching, making the transition to $-making, constructing your team and more …

10:45- 11:15
„How to use cloud computing to rock your business, get rich and improve your sex life!”
Dragoș Mănac – CEO at Appnor MSP S.A., VP Business Development at Heruvim LLC
Self-explanatory. Be amazed, be surprised.

11:15- 11:45
Panel: „Entrepreneurial myths: DOs and DON’Ts”
· Peter Barta – Executive Director at FPP
· Ana Maria Andronic – Co-Founder Venture Connect
· Vlad Stan – Founder at Vlad Stan & Partners
· Dragoș Mănac – CEO at Appnor MSP S.A.
Moderator: · Bogdan Iordache – Wembrio
The common mistakes entrepreneurs are doing and how to overcome them. Come prepared with your own questions … you will have the chance to ask them for sure.

11:45 – 12:45
„Coffee break & Buffet”
A full hour to devour the awesome Golden Tulip Buffet and connect with high level attendees.

12:45 – 13:15
Matthew Harris – Senior Product Manager at Poken

13:15 – 13:45
„What content to deliver in social media?”
Alexandru Negrea – Social Media Manager at BCR
You will learn about what types of content there is on the web, about the educational content vs. relevant content (or how to associate these two kind of content) and how should companies act online, regarding the delivered content on their social accounts, blogs, etc.

13:45 – 14:15
„The Message, before anything else”
Stefan Szakal – CEO at X3, Managing Partner at StatusPimp
How to not make design just for the sake of design. How to find the right balance between the visual message and the written one. How should they co-exist, especially in the digital space.

14:15- 14:45
Panel: „Creativity & Innovation Case Studies”
· Maximilian Marele – Creative Director at VISUALIS
· Cristi Rus – Creative Wizard at Poken
· Rares Budac – CEO at iDesign
Moderator: Stefan Szakal – CEO at X3
Case studies of how creativity and innovation can have an impact on the world, people, sales, business, etc.

14:45 – 15:00
„Closing remarks”
Lucian Todea – ITNT and Bogdan Iordache – Wembrio

21:00 – 05:00
Great party going on at Vintage Pub for all the Sibiu How to Web attendees. Come and network with your peers in a more relaxed way, and also party, HTW-style ! Very close to the conference venue, limited free drinks available.

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